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Wednesday, December 22, 2010
August Birthdays
8/1 Vivian Powers
Paul Verhulst
8/5 Raul Aguirre
8/6 Scott Brynildson
8/10 Richard Shoup
8/12 Mandi Cooper
8/15 Lennie Goodman
8/16 Steve Elmore
8/22 Tanya Dietrick
8/29 Jose Sanchez
8/30 Thea Boyer
James Dupras
Marge Taylor
8/31 John Cameron
Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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Krows Nest
Hello all you fellow brothers and Co- workers!
We will be asking for you to give us your e-mail address so you can receive a news letter from your lodge!! Call the lodge with your friends e-mail if you know it! 970-625-5508
Paul Verhulst & Steve Elmore are spear heading this e-mail news letter to all of us, We hope to have a good response to the e-mails Thanks to both of you brothers.
We will have news letters at the lodge in case you do not have an e-mail
On July 9th@ 6:30pm there will be a membership meeting(Everyone) to discuss and vote on some Special Issues, Please plan to attend ths meeting, Your input is very valuable to your lodge!!
On August 6th 2013 The Director General will be at Grand Junction Lodge #270 during the evening, This is a Tuesday Night, Our lodge has been asked to have $350.00 for repairs at Mooseheart for our children!! We need to have a raffle< Ect.. Anything we can make money at!! Just taking out of coffee fund is no fun!!
Yes Men are still doing sunday breakfast and the 1st friday night dinner of the month.. Fraternally yours Krow
Governor's Message
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Senior Regent's Message
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